Welcome Card

Welcome Card

This is an invitation (especially to the new meditators) introducing meditation, what it is, why your life will change and finally how to do it.


Meditation Welcome Card: 

The practice of meditation is one of continual self-healing and self-discovery. It is scientifically proven to help brain function, stress levels, sleep and improve some biomarkers such as reducing blood pressure – all to say it is a very beneficial practice to incorporate into your day!

The more you do it, the more benefits you will notice, such as, not reacting to people and situations so quickly, instead responding to them with a detached awareness – meaning you are able to manage your emotions during interactions and situations – very helpful as you might imagine.

However, it takes time… gift that to yourself, daily. This practice and leading your life with compassion for yourself and others makes each moment of your life more enjoyable and filled with gratitude.

Relax your jaw, drop your shoulders, take a deep breath in, pause and exhale releasing completely… it’s now time to begin your journey to calm and clarity.


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