Intention Setting Stones
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Intention Setting Stones

We have found stones tend to choose you, that when they appear in your life, besides being a pretty, natural object from this Earth, their known powers and healing properties align to bring you support and strength where you need it most. For this reason, when you open your toolkit, the stone that greets you has chosen only you and it will bring its innate gifts to you, all you must do is ask.

When you first hold your stone, imagine you are infusing your personal intention into it, so that each time you hold it from now on, you will be reminded and reassured of your reasons for taking this time for yourself, for your mind and body, for those around you.

View each stone and their affirmation: https://themeditationtoolkit.com/stones/

“Our intention is everything, nothing exists on this planet without it.” Jim Carrey





While you may have never given stones or crystals much thought, as we did long ago, this powerful treasure from our planet will connect you to the natural world’s energy and vibrations. Sounds a bit woo-woo, we know, but place this heart-shaped stone in the palm of your hand when you need to be brought back to the present moment.


1 review for Intention Setting Stones

  1. Martha

    I love the idea that my stone ‘will choose me’! I can’t wait to see which arrives. 🙂

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