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My name is Patricia Hacker and I started the company World Wellbeing to focus on products, services, projects and collaborations to help heal and restore our physical world and all its inhabitants beginning with the aspiration to help people develop a strong foundational mental health practice – hence The Meditation Toolkit. I am grateful to my years working with Deepak Chopra, M.D. who not only taught me meditation, it’s importance, research and scientific evidence, but also broadened my world and opportunities.

I believe through building a mental health skillset focused on compassion, gratitude and resilience through a meditation practice that we will build respect and love for ourselves, others and our planet, creating a beneficial societal and therefore ecological transformation.

My diverse background of working in fashion and product design, wellness tech start ups and education has given me the unique opportunity to work and sit in meetings with world renowned scientists, doctors, artists, cutting edge technologists, architects, and athletes and since I don’t shy away from asking questions and always tend to have A LOT, I have learned and continue to learn a thing or two along the way that I feel could be beneficial to share – beginning with meditation, the power of intention and reflection.

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