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Having the convenient all in one, on the go Meditation Toolkit ensures you can create your calm wherever and whenever you need it. Setting up your own sacred space of calm during travel, at your office or while at home will help you keep a grounded, patient and compassionate connection with yourself and others. If you are new to meditation, no worries, included is an easy guide to beginning your practice. For those unexpected stressful and/or uncomfortable situations that pop up, keep the roll-on aromatherapy with you – review our Emergency Breath Break card and you will be back to calm and centered in no time!

Contemplation Candle: A lux blend of ethically harvested Frankincense, Lavender, Clary Sage & Bergamot designed to soothe, heal and inspire. Simply spark the flame, close your eyes, draw in a deep, filling breath, then slowly release, exhaling completely. Notice the stillness. Repeat.

This candle is 100% chemical-free soy wax, adorned with a natural cotton wick and 100% pure essential oils curated to bring about the most peaceful, relaxed of moods.

As are all of our products, this candle is vegan, phthalate-free, prop 65 compliant, hand poured in small batches and made in the USA. It provides 45 hours of calm in a reusable and recyclable brushed metal jar.

To re-purpose the jar:

1. Pop in your freezer for 20 minutes or so

2. Remove once all of the wax is frozen, loosen excess wax and wick with a butter knife and pop out, wash and voila! Perfect for storing your intentions, meditation crystals, and just about anything else!

Rollerball: A soothing alchemy of Lavender, Eucalyptus Radiata, Peppermint, Sage, in Jojoba Oil combine to form a harmonious scent to be worn every day or used when you need a burst of calm in your day. This portable aromatherapy is ideal for stressful days and those moments when you just need to reset. Simply roll a bit to wrists, temples, neck or behind your ears, close your eyes and breathe. Instant mood shifter. Carry calm with you wherever you go, while smelling delightfully fresh.

As always, our rollerball is vegan, phthalate-free, prop 65 compliant, hand poured in small batches, made in the USA, in a reusable and recyclable container.

Heart Stone: While you may have never given stones or crystals much thought, as we did long ago, this powerful treasure from our planet will connect you to the natural world’s energy and vibrations. Sounds a bit woo-woo, we know, but place this heart-shaped stone in the palm of your hand when you need to be brought back to the present moment. When you first hold your stone, imagine you are infusing your personal intention into it, so that each time you hold it from now on, you will be reminded and reassured of your reasons for taking this time for yourself, for your mind and body, for those around you.

We have found stones tend to choose you, that when they appear in your life, besides being a pretty, natural object from this Earth, their known powers and healing properties align to bring you support and strength where you need it most. For this reason, when you open your toolkit, the stone that greets you has chosen only you and it will bring its innate gifts to you, all you must do is ask.

Meditation Card and Deck: Watercolor meditation cards to guide you in your practice of tapping into peace, clarity and stillness within. Created amongst the Torrey Pines of La Jolla, California and printed on 100% post-consumer waste paper, eliminating the need to harvest virgin materials. This series of lessons will ensure you continue to grow in the depth and dimension of your personal meditation journey.

Our Creation Principles:

  • Quality: Always responsibly sourced and pure ingredients, GOTS certified organic cotton, recycled and reusable packaging and shipping materials, given caring and loving intentions by each person involved in the creation of your meditation toolkit.
  • Equality: Fair-trade certified artisans and farmers (created in safe working conditions with fair pay), made in USA and India.
  • Planetary Survival: Every step of the way we strive to minimize negative impact on our planet and improve its survival. From our website host (greengeeks) to the bank we use, nothing is overlooked. This may not be the easiest or least expensive way to do business, but it is essential and we wouldn’t do it any other way. Our goal is circularity.



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  1. Janet (verified owner)

    Darling kit!! When traveling for my job, I can establish a little Me space in my room that reminds me to breathe deeply and know that I am in control. Thanks!!

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