Click on each stone  below for their affirmation.


I confidently evolve and move forward in life by keeping an open, light heart and by releasing any attachment to outcomes. I live fully in the present moment and am constantly renewed.




I trust in myself and have the courage, creativity and perseverance needed for my success.

Banded Carnelian


I have the strength, calmness and focus to bring clarity into my life, I do not let worries guide me.

Brecciated Red Jasper


I unconditionally love myself and others, I am able to bring balance and compassion to those around me.





I have joy and playfulness in my relationships, I release any feelings of resentment.


Dalmatian Jasper


I reflect on my emotional patterns and adjust to live with optimism, letting go of my inner critic and negativity. I choose my thoughts, actions and relationships carefully and attract wonderous people and experiences into my life.



By calming my mind I am able to focus, handle and resolve any issues that arise. I release my racing mind and manage issues in the present moment with creativity, compassion and balance, not dwelling on the past or future.


Fancy Jasper


I am emotionally balanced. I make decisions which guide me toward healthy expansion and compassion for myself and others.



Green Agate


I release stress and anger. I am patient and calm in my communication and when expressing myself.




I trust in myself and have healthy self-esteem. I know how to give myself nurturing, peace and reassurance when I need it.

Leopard Jasper


I know age is only a number, I know how to create health and vitality in my life. I release all negative patterns to do with aging, my ageless, loving mindset heals and restores me.

Mookaite Jasper


I am safe with a clear mind and an open heart. I do not allow negativity to cloud who i am.





I am able to connect with my higher self, which helps bring discernment and transformation to my relationships. I am optimistic and enjoy life.

Picasso Jasper


I have the courage, emotional resilience and self-confidence to get through any difficulty. I remain calm and grounded and have creative, healthy solutions for anything I encounter.

Red Jasper


I always remember that the power of love is most precious gift to give and receive. Love heals, love inspires, love empowers and love helps me forgive. I love myself unconditionally and see others with that same love.

Rose Quartz


I do not fear the unknown, I embrace it. By being centered in my whole being I know life only gets better when we help one another.


Snakeskin Jasper


I trust my intuition and strengthen it through meditation. I am clear, calm and objective in my thoughts and answers make themselves known to me. I align with my highest self and approach life with a strong foundation of inner-peace.




My body, mind and spirit are in harmony. I release emotions that do not serve my highest good with grace, self-compassion and the knowing that new beginnings are always available to us.


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