The contents of the toolkit were carefully curated and developed to help reconnect you to a feeling of calm, peace and encouragement. These tools can quickly and effectively help reframe your thoughts when stressed, leading to a more positive, manageable perspective on life. We take it when we travel, finding that setting up a little sacred place in your hotel room, Airbnb or wherever really does wonders to help keep you grounded during your trip.

Arrange your candle, stone and a few meditation cards and you will have a personal meditation area wherever you are! It is also helpful to keep the stone and/or the rollerball with you when waiting for what could be anxiety causing appointments, as well as at work….moments of reactivity tend to pop up there and everywhere and being able to inhale and take a deep breath of calming aromatherapy we have found helps – both our mood and communication. And home, your sanctuary, we hope you create a personal sacred meditation space whether on a small shelf, bedside table or the middle of a room, so even upon glancing, it will bring you a smile and encourage you to pause. Simply make a practice of lighting the candle, hold the stone, set an intention and give yourself a few minutes to breathe, be still, letting your thoughts come and go, relaxing your mind, your body and opening your heart. When the space is set, you will remember to give yourself that time to reconnect. We suggest opening your meditation practice with thoughts of gratitude, that always helps ease the mind as well as relax your jaw, drop your shoulders and just breathe.

We believe in helping people heal, inspire and empower themselves through meditation and reflective practices especially in nature when possible. Our toolkit is meant to be an aid to catalyze that inner, personal work. From building that strong personal foundation and connection to self, we can then be of true, loving service to the wellbeing of ourselves, others and the healing of our planet.

The card deck offers support on how to get started.


YOU! We want to see everyone have joy, laughter, fulfillment and good health in their lives and we know one key to that is building a strong, loving relationship with yourself – meditation and breathwork can help expand your heart and ease your mind and body.

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